16 November 2018 Industry News

Black Arrow looks to raise £120,000 with crowdfunding campaign

Black Arrow Space Technologies is a start-up space company that is looking to raise £120,000 to help build their proof-of-concept rocket engine.

Managing Director, Paul Williams who, with a highly experienced team of space, aerospace and Formula 1 professionals, are in the process of developing a UK built space launch capability.

The rockets will be the biggest produced wholly in the UK for 50 years, but before we start building the launch vehicles (rockets) and taking satellites and a host of other things into space; we need to develop a new engine to provide the thrust required. The crowdfunding money will help us develop this proof-of-concept engine, for further development and eventual scale-up to flight models.

The Goldfinch 3 concept engine will combine Liquid Oxygen (LOx) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) which will lead to more efficient and less complex tank and turbo-pump designs. LNG is a cost effective and readily available fuel source to propel vehicles into space and its lack of pollutants when operated with LOx, means cleaner combustion and less contamination, without loss of performance.

We are going to build this concept engine at the historic Westcott Venture Park - the place where much of the UK's space rocket development and testing has taken place since 1946 and we want to continue in the same vein. There are people still around who worked on the original Black Arrow rocket engines in the 60’s and their knowledge is essential to helping us design and build this latest model.

Paul Williams, Managing Director and founder said: “Black Arrow launch vehicles will be a new range of rockets for a growing commercial market. This engine will be the first in a series of engines allowing development of our intended range of bigger rockets.”

We believe that the new concept rocket engine for Black Arrow is a great project that will raise public awareness of the programme and benefit local, regional and national communities, suppliers and industries. The £120,000 that we are hoping to raise through crowdfunder.co.uk will enable us to further enrich the UK’s strong space propulsion heritage, centred at Westcott.

Black Arrow is offering some amazing rewards for all levels of support . For £50 you get a signed and framed photo of the concept engine and letter of thanks from all the team, to £20,000 for Key sponsor recognition * Mentioned in all PR materials * logo or name emblazoned on the side of the engine * VIP invite to engine start up and following event, plus more.

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