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  • ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, pictured during his EVA on 7 October 2014, is training for a second mission to the ISS. Astronautics

    International cooperation drives Germany’s space ambitions

    Pascale Ehrenfreund has been Chair of the DLR Executive Board since 17 August 2015. She obtained degrees in Astronomy and Biology at the University of Vienna, where she also earned her doctorate in 1990. Ehrenfreund held a professorship in Astrobiology at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Leiden.

    August 2016
  • Soyuz T-4 docked to the Salyut 6 space station in 1981 Space Lounge

    Fireflies and saucers

    Leon Rosenblum received an MS degree from the State Marine Technical University of St Petersburg in 1990. Since 1992 he has lived in Israel. Engaged in the study of the history of human spaceflight, the biographies of the participants of the spaceflights, and space insignias. He is the author of over 400 articles on the history and present day of space, published in Israel, Russia, Ukraine, the UK and other countries.

    August 2016
  • Sunset from the International Space Station (ISS) - but is it dawn or dusk for space innovation? Space Lounge

    Are the days of innovation in global space over - or just beginning?

    Space exploration has had an important and significant impact on contemporary cultural history

    August 2016