04 August 2020 Industry News

ROOM offers advertising antidote to pandemic marketing malaise

ROOM is pleased to offer an advertising platform for global space businesses and organisations.
ROOM is pleased to offer an advertising platform for global space businesses and organisations.

The global space market continues to grow despite the severe restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. With major international events, conferences and trade exhibitions on hold for the foreseeable future, now is the time to think about re-targeting some of your marketing spend.

While others hesitate, there are opportunities to get your message out, build your brand awareness, grow market share and ensure you keep your company’s name at the forefront of this rapidly evolving business sector.

Why not take a fresh look at the top line digital and print marketing opportunities offered by ROOM Space Journal?

Our internationally distributed magazine is expertly focussed on the global space business and associated industries.

Your brand alongside authoritative articles and commentaries, combined with dynamic and intelligent presentation, is the prefect showcase to support your business at this time.

And if you’ve not advertised with us before we’ll also offer you a special introductory package, including website banners and your news releases published on our website.

“As part of the global space community, ROOM is there to support your business goals and ambitions,” said advertising & marketing manager Daniel Smith.

“With articles from key thought leaders, innovative companies, space agencies and even astronauts, we offer the ideal platform for promotional activity for anyone looking to grow sectoral awareness in their work.

“The pandemic has greatly limited critical business development activity for us all, but opportunities are available to start turning negatives into positives with cost-effective placements in front of your target audience that generate enquiries for your space business.”

There’s still time to be part of our great Fall/Autumn issue so don’t delay - get in touch now.

Daniel Smith: danielsmith@room.eu.com

Special discounts and packages available now to support space businesses during this challenging period

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