09 May 2019 Industry News

Seradata Space Conference to focus on managing space risk and insurance

Leading space industry information provider Seradata is hosting its one-day Seradata Space Conference on 25 June 2019 in the City of London for spacecraft operators, manufacturers, space agencies, regulators, insurers, financiers and consultants, with a special emphasis on managing space risk and space insurance.

This is the third conference in the bi-annual series. The 2017 event was run in cooperation with the World Space Risk Forum, a well-attended and influential conference which has previously attracted over 160 delegates from around the world.

"We hope to inform, educate and entertain all the delegates at this year's conference," said Seradata's Managing Director Tim Fuller. "We have appointed the noted space underwriter, Pascal Lecointe of Hiscox as the Chairman of this international event which gives participants a unique opportunity to meet underwriters and brokers from world's space insurance community."

The keynote speech for this year's event will be by the very experienced launch executive, Clay Mowry, Vice President of the orbital and suborbital launch provider Blue Origin.

Panel sessions will include:

∙ A panel of key start-up launch providers: ABL, Firefly, Orbex and Vector

∙ A supercharged discussion between a team of leaders from the big four Space Insurance Brokers against four experienced space underwriters

∙ A session covering the Communications Satellite Market and Technology which will be led by Intelsat's Gregory Ewert and John Finney from Isotropic Systems

∙ A session covering LEO Constellations will include presentations from small satellite manufacturer Gomspace, satellite operator Iceye, and from finance house Seraphim

∙ A Tracking and Collision Liability session will include presentations from Leolabs and US Space Command, and a Moot court covering in-orbit servicing and liability.

The Seradata Space Conference is being held at 8 Fenchurch Place, London EC3M 4PB.

In addition, and at the same venue on 24 June (the day before the main conference), there will be a free half-day SpaceTrak database training and demonstration session which will be open to all conference attendees.

Seradata was formed from the management buy-out of the SpaceTrak business from Flightglobal Ascend in December 2013. The SpaceTrak web-based launch and satellite database and analysis tool is used by most of the important players in the space industry to provide the information they need at the touch of a button.

Since 1979 experienced analysts have collated data for the database from a variety of public and private sources in order to provide a one-stop-shop of key data. This helps its clients analyse and forecast industry activity, trends, failure rates and market share. To find out more visit www.seradata.com

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