31 May 2016 Press releases

'The ITU and its Impact on Space Activities' at GLIS 2016


The Plenary 1 of the Global Conference on Space and the Information Society - GLIS 2016 will be devoted to the influence of the International Telecommunication Union on Space Activities. Its main focus will be on the results of the 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference which adopted numerous decisions significant for activities in outer space.

The panel discussing these results will be chaired by Yvon Henri, Chief of Space Department of the Radiocommunication Bureau (ITU). The expert speakers Khalid Al-Awadi (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority), Daniela Genta (EMEA Satellite Operators Association - ESOA), Robin Geiss (Glasgow University), John Purvis (SES) and Badri Younes (NASA) - will analyze these developments and focus especially on the problems of the protection of C-Band for space communication, on the guarantee of spectrum for unmanned aircraft systems, and explain the consequences of the WRC Agreement on global flight tracking in civil aviation. As the end of one WRC means the beginning of the preparation for another one, the open issues for the next WRC will be presented.

GLIS 2016 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 6 -7 June 2016 at the headquarters of the International Telecommunication Union - ITU.

Members of the press are invited to register for the GLIS 2016 to ensure that they receive accreditation. Please send confirmation of your registration to glis2016@iafastro.org so that we can ensure that you are properly accredited.

For more information on GLIS2016, click here.

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