13 September 2015 News

First International Space Camp to be Held at the 66th International Astronautical Congress

Space Camp is co-organized by the HE Space Children’s Foundation (HESCF), a Dutch non-profit organization which provides all children access to education so that they can independently shape their own future; and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Youth Centre for Advanced Studies, which promotes dialogue between the University and the surrounding community.

Space Camp is a unique opportunity where pupils from 11-14 years old learn how rockets fly into space, and are taught how experiments in space are so different than those that take place here on Earth.

This year it will be particularly special as children will be in attendance from different social, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Indeed, Space Camp will represent the great center where both Jewish and Muslim students will enhance their desire to learn more about space. This opportunity will hopefully prepare them for future challenges and spark their interest in science.

“Space for us at the HE Space Children’s Foundation is not just a destination; it is our destiny, as we believe it is for all mankind” said HE Space’s Chair Ms. Claudia Kessler. Furthermore, HE Space highlights the great importance they give to the multi-cultural aspect which they wish to see flourish in the future: “It begins on Earth, with education providing the universal tool to overcome all the meaningless artificial barriers like gender, race, cultural and social heritage” declares Ms. Kessler. “That is why we are especially proud to see that schoolchildren from Israel, sponsored by the HE Space Children’s Foundation are participating in this Space Camp.”

Taking care of the next generation is an ambition shared by the International Astronautical Congress, which welcomes each year students passionate about space, and gives them the opportunity to increase their knowledge and meet all the relevant space actors.

Members of the press are invited to save the date for the IAC 2015, and register to ensure that they receive accreditation. Please send confirmation of your registration to info@theedgeparters.com so that we can ensure that you are properly accredited.

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Silvia Antolino

Communications Manager, International Astronautical Federation – IAF


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