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Born to juggle in space

Adam Dipert Durham NC, USA

Adam Dipert is a self-professed cosmophile with a diverse skill set. As a physicist with a 20-year career in circus arts, juggling and dance, it was only a matter of time before his love of movement and intrigue with outer space merged. Adam was inspired to create a technique for juggling in a realistic zero-gravity environment here on Earth. Now, after months of practising and refinement, he is able to perform the kind of juggling one might witness in a future space bar while sharing a space beer with some space friends.

Growing up near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and in Florida, within view of Space Shuttles leaving the planet, I developed an early appreciation for space exploration. In addition to my love of the cosmos, and perhaps related to my obsession with physics, I have had a lifelong fascination with the ways human bodies and objects move.

For over 20 years, as an educator, entertainer and artist, I have taught people how to move their bodies in extraordinary ways and learn seemingly impossible circus skills. My skill set as a juggler, physicist and dancer has given me a unique vocabulary to help conceptualise and communicate these complex ideas.

The type of language we use while learning to move our bodies is more important than most people realise, and I am reminded of this when sharing my vision for Space Juggling. Language is especially critical when your opportunities to practice are limited, such as in zero gravity.

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