Issue #2(24) 2020 Astronautics

Building a digital democracy in a planetary pandemic

Lembit Öpik Chair of Parliament, Asgardia the Space Nation

Despite the challenges of a global virus pandemic, the world’s first ‘digital democracy’ has continued to function with comparatively little disruption. Asgardia’s Chair of Parliament, Lembit Öpik, reports on a period of sustained productivity for Asgardia’s Parliament. The next giant leap forward, says Mr Öpik, will be to ignite a digital Asgardian economy that is robust during times of terrestrial instability and crisis.

Every successful venture is born of dreams. And every dream matures and develops as it faces the realities of turning ideas into action. That’s why this year Asgardia’s Parliament arrived at the point where the real heavy lifting began. After the initial euphoria of establishing the core structures of the world’s newest national entity, we now face the very real task of putting the fledgling nation into action and building a successful economy.

No goal is more vital to Asgardia than generating the funds needed to build the hardware for permanent human space habitation. All Asgardian Members of Parliament share this ambition. The question is: how can we best create a financial turnover comparable to those of the world’s larger nations to pay for our ambitions?

Politically speaking, Asgardia is already a proven success story. The Parliament has a level of professionalism that doesn’t just happen - it is earned through good faith and some trial and error. We’ve reached a point where legislation is being debated, modified and passed according to procedures that work - and also in line with a mindset that reveals an appreciation of what everyone is actually doing there.

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