17 November 2016 Industry News

Admission to IASL programmes is still open

For over 65 years, world-ranking McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) has been internationally recognised as the leading educational and research institution in the field of air and space law. It has produced over 1,000 graduates hailing from over 120 countries.

Established in 1951, the IASL's educational programme and research agenda have evolved over the years to address and accommodate rapidly-evolving demands for an interdisciplinary and global approach to the governance of aviation and outer space. The presence of highly experienced and educated academics and professionals ensure courses on offer at the IASL cover the breadth and depth of aviation and space law. The close proximity of ICAO, IATA, Airports Council International (ACI), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), makes Montreal, and this renowned Institute, the ideal location to witness and experience the rapid evolution of practical issues and legal challenges taking place in the domains of aviation and space.

The abundance of fellowships and prizes in air and space law available, the low tuition fees and living expenses in Montreal and opportunities for students to participate in the Institute’s research and outreach activities together offer immense prospects for students and professionals interested in pursuing the study of air and space law at post-graduate levels. The presence of proud Institute graduates in senior positions at government ministries, at airlines, in international organisations, the legal profession, and academic circles around the world is testament to the added value and invaluable networking opportunities the Institute has to offer.

If you aspire to be a globally recognised and specialised aviation and space law expert, consider McGill’s Institute of Air and Space Law as the launch pad for your exciting and highly rewarding professional career.

The application for admission to the IASL programmes must be submitted online before 15 December 2016. For more information about the programmes and courses on offer at the Institute, please visit: https://www.mcgill.ca/law-gradprograms/programs/ll... and SPREAD THE WORD!

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