19 November 2020 Industry News

Agreement to accelerate commercial space growth

Clint Graumann (left) of TerraMetric with Masa Nagasaki of Space BD
Clint Graumann (left) of TerraMetric with Masa Nagasaki of Space BD

Two specialist space-sector firms from opposite sides of the globe have signed a Teaming Agreement and are officially kicking off a collaborative relationship focusing on business development for the space industry.

Tokyo-based Space BD and Florida's TerraMetric share a common vision of "making space an accessible market to any industry or company" and are committed to achieving results from launch to low Earth orbit, with a further focus on lunar and deep space exploration.

Technical skills, legislative knowledge, funding and time management are all critical factors in successfully accomplishing any space mission. However, guidance on how to effectively bring these factors together and thrive in the competitive global ‘NewSpace' market is equally important - especially for those new to the space sector.

The agreement reinforces the capabilities of both organisations and will allow strategic partners to achieve their goals through specialist guidance and by working closely alongside them.

Space BD's experience and market connections in Asia-Pacific, and its partnership with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), strengthens TerraMetric's reach into the Eastern hemisphere, while TerraMetric's expertise and network throughout North America and other regions will provide Space BD with increased global coverage.

TerraMetric and Space BD already collaborate to provide an in-orbit demonstration service using stable conditions on the external platform of International Space Station (ISS).

"We are delighted to announce our teaming agreement with Space BD," said TerraMetric CEO and Founder Clint Graumann. "Space BD and TerraMetric have a common business culture driven by a shared passion for space. With Space BD's upstream focus and TerraMetric's detailed knowledge of downstream applications, we can offer customers greater choice from a wide-reaching, comprehensive range of space business connections and expertise."

"We are pleased to start our partnership with TerraMetric," added Space BD Co-Founder and CEO Masa Nagasaki. "Since our initial discussion, we have been sharing common values and vision to expand space industry through providing optimum solutions to everyone who wants to use space.

“We look forward to accelerating commercialisation of low Earth orbit as well as development of deep space exploration, including lunar missions in this unique US-Japan strategic private partnership.”

TerraMetric is a global space business development firm with proven expertise up and down the integrated space exploration value chain, helping small- to medium-sized NewSpace businesses worldwide break into new markets and achieve their vision. It works in concert with clients to provide market intelligence, secure large contracts, and connect with partners and customers.

Space BD is the leading satellite launch and ISS utilization service provider based in Japan, and is expanding its services to support component import and export, test facilities installation, capacity building programme, and strategic research project from business development perspective.

By combining their expertise and using space as enabler for various industries, TerraMetric and Space BD will work together to accelerate space business development and make space a sustainably growing industry.

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