31 March 2021 Community news

Apply now to become an ESA astronaut

Image: ESA
Image: ESA

Applications are now open for the ESA’s 2021 astronaut selection and qualified candidates of all genders are encouraged to apply.

As well as recruiting new members to our astronaut corps, ESA has also issued a vacancy notice for the ‘Parastronaut’ feasibility study to select astronauts living with specific physical disabilities.

This project is a global first to begin removing barriers for people living with physical disabilities to carry out a professional space mission.

"Representing all parts of our society is a concern that we take very seriously,” says David Parker, ESA Director of Human and Robotic Exploration. “Diversity at ESA should not only address the origin, age, background or gender of our astronauts, but also perhaps physical disabilities. To make this dream a reality, alongside the astronaut recruitment, I am launching the Parastronaut Feasibility Project – an innovation whose time has come."

Both vacancies run from 31 March to 28 May 2021 and all applications must be submitted via the ESA Careers websitewithin these eight weeks. Following this deadline, a six-stage selection process will start. Successful candidates are expected to be appointed in October 2022.

Further information on the vacancies as well as the ESA astronaut selection process and astronaut training is available online at esa.int/yourwaytospace.

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