17 May 2021 Industry News

Chinese sector continues world-leading post-covid rebound

Following a record year for commercial space funding in China - and with 2021 showing further significant year on year growth - leading international consulting and market intelligence firm Euroconsult has announced a new quarterly market intelligence report dedicated to providing the latest news, expert analysis and insights into the lucrative Chinese space market.

The firm's China Space Industry report is evolving from an annual document to a series of in-depth quarterly reports in order to provide more current and actionable information about the Chinese space sector, including satellite industry, technological developments, funding updates and relevant M&A.

The streamlined reports will enable a more responsive approach to providing unique insights into a market currently experiencing dynamic growth, drawing out a series of key themes to allow for better understanding of the strategic direction of the Chinese space sector, along with a timeline of recent government space activities and analysis of the country's tech sector in the space industry.

Authored by Euroconsult Senior Affiliate Consultant and China specialist Blaine Curcio, the report is essential reading for space industry decision makers and investors looking to stay informed on the increasing commercialisation of the Chinese space sector.

The Q1 2021 Special Edition is full of up-to-date analysis and data, including coverage of the Chinese Space Ecosystem structure and the latest Chinese five-year plan around government policy and related analysis, including a bonus update on major events of H2 2020 as part of this edition.

Curcio stated:, "In recent years, not a week goes by without significant updates in the Chinese space sector. The industry is developing incredibly quickly, with new companies emerging on a regular basis. As well as key market updates, the report includes enhanced coverage of the investment conditions, such as regulatory environment, and the roles of provincial and national government and the big tech industry.

"Critically, we look closely at the impact of market developments on the space industry in the West, including satellite manufacturing value chain opportunities and the latest market trends, Indeed, while the most advanced commercial space companies clearly remain Western companies, China is now leading the world in terms of number of commercial space companies being established."

China's plans to place a space station into low Earth orbit may be well known, but the pace at which the nation's commercial sector is developing and the detail around government space strategy is far less understood due to a variety of reasons, including accessibility and language barriers. Euroconsult's report pinpoints key developments in a country that is now home to more than 15 commercial launch companies, accounting for around half of funding received in the last seven years. During the same time period, earth observation activity and satellite manufacturing have each benefitted from nearly 20 percent of total funding.

Editor’s note: Euroconsult's China Space Industry Q1 2021 report is available now and can be ordered from the Euroconsult shop. A special article ‘China’s rising commercial space sector’ by Blaine Curcio will be published in the Summer 2021 issue of ROOM, available from mid-June. You can pre-order the issue now or take out an annual subscription in either digital or print format by visiting subscriptions

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