02 January 2018 Industry News

Five awesome ideas for an adult's astronaut party

Image: NASA
Image: NASA

If you’re looking for an original and creative way to throw your next party, how about an astronaut party. With the following ideas, your party is bound to be out of this world!

Astronaut Fancy Dress
Obviously, if you are throwing an astronaut party, you and your guests need to look the part! There are many easy and cheap ways to make a DIY astronaut costume if you like to use your hands, and if not, there are many available online or in your local fancy dress shop. Think of the great pictures that will be great to look back on in a few years!

A Space Cake
No party is complete without a cake, but not just any old cake will do. There are many recipes online you can follow to make many different types of cake depending on which you’d like best. Many bakers are willing to make cakes for special occasions if you don’t think you’re up to the task. Whether you want a rocket cake, an alien cake or a cake featuring all the planets, make sure it remains space-themed and, most of all, tasty.

This is a must to make your party space look like space! From the floor to the walls to the ceiling, there are many unique and creative ways you can make your place fit for an astronaut party. Glow in the dark stars are a great idea to add to your ceiling, you can make or buy small paper rockets that could be hung around the room and you can even use small green balloons and a pen to make some little green men to stick on the walls and to the furniture

Space Games
Of course, you can’t have zero gravity on earth and hiring an indoor skydiving place could be a little too pricey so why not have the next best thing and hire an inflatable obstacle course rental for adults. Of course, it’s not exactly the same as walking on the moon, but with a bit of imagination and some astronaut costumes, you won’t be short of laughs and entertainment during the party.

The Small Things
There are lots of little changes you can make to ensure your party is fit for any astronaut, which can make a huge difference. These do not have to cost a lot there are many small things you can do such as purchasing space-themed paper plates and cups or making your own using a bottle and colored paper. You could make some space-themed treats that can barely cost a penny such as fruit loops (the rings of Saturn), milky ways and rocket ice-lollies if the weather permits.

These are just five great ways to get you started on your astronaut party and you may have many more ideas. Whichever way you decide to host your astronaut party, ensure you have lots of fun and remember you are never too old to enjoy dressing up or playing on an inflatable!

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