04 May 2017 Press releases

GLEX 2017 Technical Programme

This year's Global Space Exploration Conference has an exciting Technical Programme that awaits you. In total there are 329 accepted abstracts from 22 different countries! Of these 236 will be presented as oral presentations in one of our technical sessions and 93 will be presented as posters.

There will be 25 technical sessions that covers the whole spectrum of Space Exploration dispatched among the following topics:

  • Scientific Objective and Infrastructure of Space Exploration
  • Space Laboratory, Space Station and Space Exploration
  • Lunar Exploration
  • Exploration of Near Earth Asteroids
  • Mars Exploration
  • Exploration of Other Destination
  • Entering into Space and New Energy and Propulsion Technology
  • Key Technology of Space Exploration
  • Challenges of Life Support - Medical Support for Manned Space Exploration
  • Values and New Models for Space Exploration
  • Law Issues and Public Awareness Related to Space Exploration
  • International Cooperation for Space Exploration
  • Small Satellites

The Poster presentations will have a dedicated reception on Thursday 8 June 13:00-14:30. Here participants will be able to discuss and ask questions to the authors of the posters.

For more information on the technical programme go to: www.glex2017.org

Register online at www.glex2017.org/register


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