01 August 2019 Reviews

One Small Step: 50 years of lunar exploration (stamp sets)

It is unusual for ROOM to review postage stamps, but that is only because space-related stamps are not released that often. This is a particularly timely and well-produced offering from the Isle of Man (iomstamps.com).

The series of products includes a first day cover that includes the eight stamps of the release cancelled with a “unique postmark” (for £8.84) and a number of other presentations including a sheet set (with multiple copies of the stamps) for almost £100.

Arguably, the best general product is the Prestige Booklet, which is a full colour explanatory booklet containing all eight stamps, and other copies grouped in eights and fours with stamp-like mission patches. The text is provided by former NASA manager George Abbey, no doubt to add provenance, and designer Ben Glazier.

Hardcore space aficionados are not likely to learn much from the booklet, but its eye-catching design is sure to attract philatelists with an interest in the modern history of exploration. And for the Isle of Man itself, it’s a very good advert!

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