31 January 2020 Industry News

Premier event for global space professionals

Join us as global commercial, government, military and emergent space industry professionals convene at the 36th Space Symposium, March 30 – April 2, 2020, to discuss critical issues impacting all global space sectors. It’s the "must attend" event to make profitable connections with global space decision-makers, engage with industry leaders, gain critical insights and to see the newest global and emergent space technology.

Our Customers Say it Best…

This is “THE” conference of the year for us.”

What an event! It’s perfect.”

Unsurpassed opportunity to see nearly everyone you want to in the space community.”

[Taken from 2019 Space Symposium Participant Survey]

Forward-Thinking Conference

Over the years, the Space Symposium has been the stage from which many notable space leaders have addressed the world and this year is no exception. We have expanded the symposium to feature more global exhibitors showcasing the latest in space technology. This future-oriented agenda, with lively and productive networking discussions, attended by global representatives helps create an exhilarating, dynamic and forward-thinking environment to foster cutting-edge and inspirational ideas.

Influential Participants

Space Symposium attendees consistently represent all sectors of the space community from multiple spacefaring nations and it is the caliber of participants, coupled with an extraordinary venue and a well-structured agenda that create the perfect environment for making contacts and getting business done.

As in previous years, ROOM – Space Journal is proud to be a 36th Space Symposium's Media Partner.

Exhibit Center

To see leading-edge exhibits that cover a broad range of the latest in space innovation, then register today and come share space with us!


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