29 March 2021 Community news

TerraMetric and Euroconsult sign partner agreement

Global space business development firm TerraMetric and Euroconsult, the leading global consulting firm focused on space and satellite-enabled markets, have entered into a Preferred Strategic Partnership agreement. As part of the cooperation, TerraMetric and Euroconsult will collaborate in a wide range of comprehensive capabilities.

Euroconsult’s clients will benefit from TerraMetric’s proven NewSpace expertise in the space technology and geospatial markets.

TerraMetric CEO and Co-Founder Clint Graumann stated: “As Preferred Strategic Partners, TerraMetric and Euroconsult will be able to offer clients world-leading strategic consulting and comprehensive insight into technical, financial, and operational aspects of the space sector. This arrangement augments the capabilities of both TerraMetric and Euroconsult and will help us accelerate the growth of our clients.”

Graumann added: “We’re pleased to announce this latest partnership agreement - our complementary areas of expertise and shared business culture make this a natural choice and offer added value to TerraMetric’s and Euroconsult’s clients.”

In addition to providing Euroconsult’s clients with additional strategic expertise, the agreement will also add the services of SATConsult engineering, a Euroconsult company that supports the development of worldwide satellite infrastructure offered to the market.

Euroconsult CEO Pacome Revillon said: “Euroconsult is pleased to benefit from TerraMetric's broader competencies to improve market penetration and client outreach. This collaboration will leverage expertise, network, and skills to improve the scope and presence of our companies, which we are looking forward to."

This latest agreement between the two specialist firms follows a recently co-authored EO4AG market research report, providing a strategic overview of the global trends, vertical integration opportunities, and regional demand for Earth observation services and the agriculture sector products. The EO4AG report is available on both companies’ websites.

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