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‘The Pink Flower’, a mixed media embellishment with oil paint, sea glass, glass beads and sand on satin digital c-print image on aluminum, inspired by photo of Lake Eyre in Australia taken by Nicole from the ISS.

Nicole Stott Nicole Stott Astronaut, artist and motivational speaker

EARTh from space’ is the theme of all of my artwork and lies at the heart of my own motivation to share the overwhelmingly impressive experience I was blessed to have while living, working and flying in space.

The spaceflight experience is impactful in so many ways and finding a personal and meaningful way to express it is important to every astronaut. For myself, the single most meaningful way for me to share my own experience is through my artwork. Sharing my spaceflight experience with everyone I can. It was the defining motivation for my retirement from a dream job with NASA and for taking this next giant leap into a new adventure as an artist.

Each one of my paintings tells a different story and shares a profound and emotional part of my own personal experience. And each presents a part of that spaceflight experience that reminds me of not only the very special place I was living in space, but also of the incredibly special and ultimately important place I had the privilege of witnessing from that awesome and surreal vantage point of the International Space Station (ISS).

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