Issue #2(20) 2019 Astronautics

Next steps in human space exploration

Human spaceflight panel chaired by Anu Ojha.
Human spaceflight panel chaired by Anu Ojha.

Leaders across the global space sector gathered in Abu Dhabi in March to discuss industry developments, projects, policies and strategies at the second Global Space Congress which highlighted the global space economy and opportunities for its development and growth. Presentations focussed on the United Arab Emirates’ expanding international interests in space exploration and development, including the plenary panel highlighted below on ‘The Future of Manned Spaceflight’, featuring Charlie Bolden (former NASA Administrator), Dimitry Loskutov (Director General, Glavkosmos), Naser Al Rashedi (Director of Space Policy & Regulations, UAE Space Agency), Koichi Wakata, (Vice-President of JAXA) and George Whitesides (CEO of Virgin Galactic). It was moderated by Anu Ojha, Director of the UK National Space Academy.

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