Issue #4(26) 2020 Security

Cyber and Space – the role of the cyber-range

Mark Roberts RHEA Group, London, UK

The term cyber has become a catch-all word for anything to do with computers and the Internet, which of course are fundamental components of space services. Here, Mark Roberts discusses the interface between space and cyber in the defence realm, and how the concept of the cyber-range applies.

Most of us understand that society is becoming progressively and ever more pervasively dependent on space products for the way we do business and live our lives, particularly those elements requiring accurate timing and global positioning. Without these products, many of the services we take for granted, such as utilities, transportation, banking and communications, may be degraded or lost, with potentially serious and irreparable consequences.

Understanding the threats, vulnerabilities and risks associated with loss of space products, and what we can do to mitigate them, is increasingly essential. Thankfully, the interactions between space and cyber have attributes that offer some advantages when we look at the challenge of providing resilience. And there is a solution that enables us to build on these to provide protection - the cyber-range.

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