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  • Issue #4(6) 2015

    Space – Overcoming Our Limitations

    Rick Tumlinson is one of the most prolific men in today’s space industry. His beliefs are an inspiration for anyone interested in bringing humanity one step closer to conquering space, the frontier so vastly endless that he says it is an act of ignorance and hubris to label it as ‘final’.

    Authors: Rick Tumlinson    
  • Issue #4(6) 2015

    Space for Art

    NASA Space Shuttle astronaut and spacewalker Nicole Stott writes for ROOM about the inspiration that comes through the integration of art and science brought about by the revelation of seeing Earth from space, and witnessing the awe of the overwhelming beauty of our home planet from a truly unique vantage point.

    Authors: Nicole Stott    
  • Issue #4(6) 2015

    200 Days in Space: Living in Orbit

    Italian ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who flew to the International Space Station in 2014 on ESA's Futura mission, provides a true insider’s view on what it is like to live and work for 200 days in orbit high above the Earth.

    Authors: Samantha Cristoforetti    
  • Issue #4(6) 2015

    Danish Surprise for ISS Crew

    A Danish chef famed for his creativity and daring approach to food was asked to come up with a special menu for the orbiting International Space Station crew. Thorsten Schmidt, chef and restaurateur, succeeded in delivering an unexpected surprise.

    Authors: Thorsten Schmidt