Igor IAfanasyev Igor IAfanasyev Editor of Russia’s Novosti Kosmonavtiki magazine All articles
Alexander Ilyin Alexander Ilyin Chief designer at Lin Industrial All articles
Dr Barbara Imhof Dr Barbara Imhof Space architect, co-founder and managing director of LIQUIFER Group, board member of Women in Aerospace Europe WIA-E All articles
Harris Innes-Miller Harris Innes-Miller Montreal, Canada, McGill University All articles
Andrey G. Ionin Andrey G. Ionin Chief Analyst at non-profit partnership GLONASS All articles
David Iron David Iron Founder of Lunar Missions Trust and Lunar Missions Ltd All articles
Stephane Israel Stephane Israel Chairman & CEO of Arianespace All articles
Zeljko Ivezic Zeljko Ivezic LSST project, University of Washington, Seattle All articles